Bentham OPEN partners with Kudos to expand the range of services offered to the authors.


Kudos is a popular web-based service which serves to maximize and monitor the visibility and usage of research articles from researchers around the world. It aims to provide a highly automated, scalable service to help researchers and their institutions measure, monitor and maximize the usage of and citations to their published articles.

Bentham OPEN has made its research articles available on Kudos along with the DOIs to facilitate linking them to the authors' Kudos profile.

We encourage the authors to visit Kudos on www.growkudos.com and take the following actions to enhance the reach and visibility of their research. Being a Bentham OPEN author you can:

  • Create account on the Kudos website
  • Search for your articles by title, author-name or the DOI (Digital Object Identifier)
  • Claim your articles
  • Explain the research enclosed in the articles defining the objective, methodology and outcome, result and findings of your research
  • Share the explanation of your article along with the link to the original publication page with your colleagues, professional and personal networks through email and various popular social media platforms directly from Kudos.


Now you can publish your explanation for your article on Kudos as Shareable PDF. The Kudos Shareable PDF enables you to:

  • Maximize the readership counts for your work by consolidating all readership. in one place, ensuring that statistics reported to your institution, publisher and funder are as complete as possible.
  • Share your work via scholarly collaboration networks (like ResearchGate, Academia.edu and Mendeley) in a fully copyright-compliant way and with added-value content that will help more people find, understand and develop an interest in your work.
  • Easily compare the results of your sharing via these networks with the results of your other efforts to share (e.g. social media, email, blogs, posters).


Kudos has always helped researchers make work more visible, and track sharing via email, social media, blogs, posters and other places that you can share a link. Shareable PDF now enables you to track sharing in sites where you can’t share a link by itself – sites that require you to upload a PDF in order to list your work. This means you can:

  • Share with confidence – without having to worry about potential copyright violation.
  • Track and compare interest in publications across the different ways you disseminate your work.
  • Make the best possible decisions as to where to invest the little time available for dissemination.


  • Generate your PDF: The ‘Author view’ of your publication in Kudos now includes a ‘Share as PDF’ option. This will generate a PDF version of the article summary you have created in Kudos.
  • Share it: You can upload this summary PDF to any website you choose, including your own website, institutional or subject repositories, scholarly collaboration networks (like ResearchGate, Academia.edu or Mendeley).
  • Track it: The summary PDF contains a trackable link to the full text of your article on the publisher’s website. This means that you will now see statistics in your Kudos dashboard about views of your work that have resulted from sharing via ResearchGate, Academia.edu and Mendeley, enabling you to compare the effect of sharing on these websites with other efforts to share.